Dedicated MPCs Gather at Westminster

Seventeen of our diocesan MP correspondents gathered together with over 100 other CAFOD campaigners last night at a special reception in Parliament to celebrate their crucial role in furthering global justice.

Many volunteers had invited their MPs along to the reception to meet with them and hear from a host of excellent speakers about the importance of making our voices heard.

These included Joanne Mountford, an MPC from Windsor, Ed Davey MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and Caroline Flint MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change as well as some other high profile CAFOD supporters including TV and radio presenters Dermot O’Leary and Adrian Chiles.

Sue Cooper and Joanne Mountford  CAFOD/Louise Norton

Sue Cooper and Joanne Mountford           CAFOD/Louise Norton

Each speaker made it clear that they were there to honour our dedicated campaigners from across the country who regularly write to and meet with their local MPs to discuss issues that affect vulnerable communities around the world, such as the impact of climate change

Michael Pengelly - CAFOD/Louise Norton

Michael Pengelly                  CAFOD/Louise Norton

It was so inspiring to see so many people from our diocese who had travelled from as far away as Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and South Oxfordshire to be there and wonderful to have this opportunity to really say ‘thank you’ to them for all their hard work.

And we were all certainly spurred on to continue to work with our MPs and make our views known.

Ed Davey said that our work on climate change (which launches this September) will be crucial in forcing leaders to acknowledge their responsibilities and take action.

“I think CAFOD – working with the faith community and other NGOs – can play a critical role. So I want to thank you in advance for all the work you’re going to do to give people like me as hard a time as you like. I welcome that. But also give every politician, every leader, and every business person across the world a hard time until they do what is right tackling climate change.”

We will!! Come on Portsmouth diocese!!!

Kevin Fry and Damian Hinds MP      CAFOD/Louise Norton

Kevin Fry and Damian Hinds MP                          CAFOD/Louise Norton

The reception is always good at bringing us together to meet and support one another in our work and reminding us of just how important it is – as Jo Mountford,  said:

“Campaigning with CAFOD gives me a way to challenge injustice in the world. So many people aren’t lucky enough to have all the things I do: food, water, shelter, and more importantly, the ability to influence our government, whose decisions impact on people all over the world.”

Peter Galvin and Penny Mordaunt MP     CAFOD/Louise Norton

Peter Galvin and Penny Mordaunt MP                CAFOD/Louise Norton

Thank you to all our MPCs and campaigners for their past and future support. It was fantastic to see so many of you there.

If you are interested in becoming an MP correspondent – do take a look at this page for more information or call us on 01252 329385. We’re MPCs ourselves and so happy to talk this through with anyone who may be interested in the role.

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