St John The Baptist Dig Deep with Lenten Lunches

Our wonderful supporters in Andover are digging deep by holding Lenten lunches. Parishioners at St John the Baptist are holding the lunches every Monday after 11.15am mass.

Guests have a choice of two soups for lunch, prepared by volunteers. Past soups have included cream of asparagus and butternut squash!

Around 30 people have been attending each week and parishioners have already raised an impressive £454 (+ Gift Aid)!

Speaking on why they decided to hold Lenten lunches this year, Jenny LeLean, a parishioner at St John the Baptist, said: “It seemed like a good idea. We had them before in the past and we thought we’d do something special for Lent and CAFOD. People are enjoying them and staying after mass chatting. Someone even asked if we could do it every week!”

Well done to everyone at St John the Baptist! What an impressive amount of fundraising and it’s great to hear how the Lenten lunches are impacting on the parish.

You can find out more about our Dig Deep campaign here. And don’t forget, if you’re holding a Dig Deep event let us know at

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