St Mary’s College Digs Deep

Students from St Mary’s RC College spent last Friday morning ‘Digging Deep’ into some tough issues and holding a lively debate during two workshops run by our fab CAFOD Education Volunteers from the University of Southampton Catholic Society.

The sessions for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils were based on our Lenten focus country (Sierra Leone) and the story of 14 year old Mohammed.

Mohammed’s community has worked with our CAFOD partner (Caritas Kenema) to transform the former diamond mines (a former source of much brutality during the country’s civil war) into farm land (and now a source of much needed food and hope).

After a short interactive quiz on Sierra Leone, the class then prepared for a debate. The question was, ‘‘Which will allow Mohammed and his family to lead a better quality of life – carats or carrots?’

The class were then split into groups representing the two sides – those for diamond mining (carats) and those in favour of farming in the diamond swamps (carrots).

At the end the students asked the class to take a vote on the issue and our Education Volunteers led a brief discussion on how we can support Mohammed’s family and others like them to continue to help themselves.

Pupils were then challenged to take action themselves to help end world hunger using the ‘Hungry for Change game scoresheet.’

Roger Lillie, Education Volunteer Coordinator, told us, ‘The sessions went really well and were well received’.

Our thanks go to all the Education Volunteers who took the time to plan and deliver this session so well and to all the pupils and staff (especially Katie Thom) for their great enthusiasm and energy.   We’re so grateful to all of you for your fantastic support!

For more information on CAFOD’s Lenten appeal, please click here.

Our secondary school resources on this topic can be found here.


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