Meet our Marathon Runners: Mugeni Sumba


Super star CAFOD supporter and our dear friend Mugeni Sumba, from Oaklands Catholic school in Waterlooville, recently raised an impressive £750 by dressing up in school uniform and serving tea and coffee to staff members for two days!  As regular blog readers may already know, Mugeni’s running the London Marathon as a 40th birthday wish.

Mugeni has previously run the Great South Run, but the London Marathon presents a whole new challenge.

An injury, which occurred early on in his training, was a minor setback for him, but Mugeni has since recovered and is looking forward to the big day.

He said: “I’m most looking forward to putting on the CAFOD running vest, joining the 1000s of people that will be running on the London streets and really enjoying the experience. For me, this will be a dream come true – taking part in one of the events I have always dreamt of for my favourite organisation.”

For more on Mugeni’s London Marathon story click here.

If you’d like to sponsor Mugeni, visit his Virgin Money Giving Page

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