How Your Money is Making a Difference: Philippines Typhoon Update

More than two months after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, we continue to work with its partners in the area to help those affected rebuild their lives.

We’re working with Catholic Relief Services to provide emergency shelter, supply clean water, build latrines to prevent the spread of disease, clear debris, improve sanitation and deliver emergency household goods (soaps, buckets, towels, sanitary products).

CAFOD chair, Bishop John Arnold and Jim Murphy, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, recently visited one of the areas worst affected by the typhoon – the town of Palo on Leyte Island.

Speaking in December, Jim Murphy MP said: “My message to CAFOD supporters is that your money will make a difference. It’s clear now, even three weeks into this operation that this will take months if not years. We need to ensure that our commitment to this area outlasts the shock that we all felt. A small amount of money can make a massive difference.”

As a result of the fantastic response from our supporters all around the world, including the incredible £234, 835 raised by the Portsmouth Diocese alone, and a £2 million grant from the Department for International Development, we’ve been able to work with Catholic Relief Services to supply clean water to more than 11,000 people around Palo. We’ve also provided thousands of emergency kits containing soaps, towels, jerry cans and water to people in the Philippines. Catholic Relief Services have delivered shelter for 82,000 people in the town.

Bishop John Arnold said: “I think the Catholic community in England and many others beyond have been magnificent in their instant response, and we’ve seen here how that response is being put to work in a very practical way. It’s very encouraging. I’m lost for words. This is just an extraordinary place.”

For more details on Bishop John Arnold’s visit to the Philippines, read his personal Philippines blog here.

If you’d like to donate to the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Appeal please click here.

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