“Good Work” Conference, 7-9 February


What is “Good Work“? And how can we help people get access to it?
Both now and in the years to come, that’s a key question for anyone who’s concerned about justice, eliminating poverty, and peace. That’s why a coalition of agencies and churches is holding the “Good Work” conference this February at High Leigh in Hoddesdon, Herts.
The conference will be looking at how different theological traditions define good work, how we engage with work issues “in the public square”, and how to generate sustainable jobs in a world with limited resources. A panel of leading figures from a variety of backgrounds will lead a discussion on how different groups can work together to create “good work.” And we’ll think together about what we can do to help.

The conference will feature first-rate speakers, including:

  • Our very own Sarah Montgomery, CAFOD’s Economic Justice Policy Analyst
  • Christine Allen, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Christian Aid
  • David Croft, Director, Quality and Technical at Waitrose
  • Malcolm Damon, Executive Director of the Economic Justice Network (Southern Africa)
  • Susan Durber, Theology Coordinator for Christian Aid
  • Ram Gidoomal, Chair of Traidcraft, the Lausanne International Board, and the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education.
  • Michael Jagessar, Moderator of the United Reformed Church
  • Polly Jones, former international officer at UNISON and now Head of Campaigns and Policy at WDM
  • Edwin Laurent, formerly Permanent Secretary in St Lucia’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism and Permanent Representative to the WTO and FAO
  • David McLoughlin, Senior Lecturer in Theology at Newman University College and honorary Lecturer at the University of Birmingham
  • Elaine Storkey, theologian and author, former Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and former President of Tearfund
  • Simon Trace, CEO of Practical Action
  • Mags Vaughan, CEO of Traidcraft

There will be workshops on preaching about “good work” issues (Susan Durber), lobbying MPs and MEPs (Helen Dennis of Christian Aid), engaging with businesses (James Corah, representing ECCR), church partnerships for community development (Tearfund’s Umoja Team), and more.
Worship runs through the conference, with opportunities to attend morning and evening prayer daily, as well as opening and closing services.
A marketplace gives the chance to purchase fairly traded goods from Traidcraft and Merian Derwent (Palestinian goods).
The conference runs from 7 to 9 February. You can attend for the whole or for part. Bursaries are available.
For more information, visit the official website. You can book from there or using the booking form.

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