Pupils Visit CAFOD Partners in Zambia


Two pupils from St Mary’s School Ascot will be flying out to Zambia, just after Christmas, to see CAFOD’s work in the country first-hand.

The students will be accompanying CAFOD Major Gifts Campaign Manager, Meighan Bell, on the trip which is part of CAFOD’s From Poverty to Opportunity campaign.

The girls told us how they felt when they first found out about the visit:

“I was really excited and a bit worried about what we’d see. But excited to learn more about CAFOD and to see what the charity’s done.”

“I was really excited. I’ve been to Africa before as a tourist and now I’ll be returning to see CAFOD’s work.”

The pupils will be visiting our partners in Zambia who provide HIV and AIDS care and support and help some of the most vulnerable people in Zambia.

One student said she was most looking forward to seeing CAFOD’s partner’s work with schools and visiting the children who have benefitted from CAFOD’s work whilst the other said she was, ‘really looking forward to Mass and seeing how they celebrate differently to us and the work of the charity, how they’ve helped people there.”

Both girls are active CAFOD supporters, having learnt about our work at school, and being involved in previous fundraising efforts.

“Every second or third Thursday of the month we have a CAFOD lunch at school where we have bread and soup and the money saved goes to CAFOD.”

“And we had a dinner which I volunteered at.   I took the coats. We raised a lot of money for CAFOD.”

The trip has without a doubt caused a buzz at the school and both pupils spoke to us about the reactions of their classmates.

“They’ve all been really excited and interested in knowing more about what CAFOD does, asking for lots of pictures and for us to report back.”

The girls have encouraged other young people thinking about getting involved with CAFOD to “definitely do it.”  They will be keeping a video diary of their trip and blogging about their experiences and activities.

This is the first time that young people are visiting an area as part of the From Poverty to Opportunity campaign, which aims to raise £10 million to transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest people in The Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Zambia. You can find out more about it here.

We’ll be providing updates of the girls’ visit to Zambia so keep checking back. We can’t wait to hear how they get on!


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