Can you help a CAFOD colleague?

for Liam

Our colleague Liam Hayes, Theology Programme Adviser, is currently studying for a PhD at Heytrop College in London and doing a research on the theme “Faith, Church and Moral Choices Today“.

As part of his research, he is looking for Catholics in England and Wales who would be willing to fill in an online questionnaire, with the aim to understand the role and influence that faith, Church teaching and personal ‘lived experience’ occupy in the moral thinking and moral choices of baptised Catholics.

The questionnaire asks the following questions in relation to how we make our moral choices:

  • Who really influences our moral thinking and moral choices?
  • Do we listen to the Church?
  • Has Pope Francis made a difference?
  • What do Catholic men and women in England and Wales actually believe?
  • How do we resolve moral dilemmas?

The questionnaire should take around 40-45 minutes to complete and it can be accessed here.

More information on Liam’s project is available here.

If you could spare a little bit of your time to help Liam with his work, he would be incredibly grateful! Many thanks in advance to everyone who will be willing to contribute. Please feel free to pass the questionnaire on to any family members or friends whom you think might be interested. Thanks in advance!

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