Well done St George’s!

St George’s pupils are putting their talents to great use again!  RE teacher Anne-Marie Lee-Cann told us:

“Our pupils tried their hand at candy floss making today to raise funds for our ‘Harvest of Talents’ project.  They costed out that each stick of candy floss would cost just over 4p each to make and then sold it for £1.00 a stick or £1.50 a bag.  Initial counts show they made about £63, having only spent about £4 of their initial £10 they were given.  Thus a profit for CAFOD of about £59!”


Ms Lee-Cann went on to say:

“I’ve also been given today two boxes full of money. One group doubled their money making £60ish from selling cakes and drinks.  Another group handed me a box with about £50 in again, I think, having tripled their money.”

How fantastic!  Well done everyone!

For more information on the ‘Harvest of Talents’ project at St George’s VA College in Southampton, please click here.


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