Francesca’s Big Share Adventure!

What a very hectic and exciting few days I have had as one of the newest members of the Portsmouth CAFOD team!   It’s almost been nonstop since I came to Reading!


On Thursday I went to the Freshers’ Fayre at Reading University, I didn’t have to say very much that day, but I had my photo taken with some very BIG people, they were playing a fishing game and signing the campaign leaflets.

Fran with friends at English Martyrs

On Friday I visited 2 schools and I wore the ‘Big Share’ tshirt!  In the morning I went to English Martyrs’ school; I was so excited but a little nervous. The children were lovely though and soon I felt a little more confident and less shy; they had some really good ideas about SHARING.

As well as sharing things we thought about sharing stories and how brilliant Jesus was at telling stories about how we should lead our lives. We heard about the ‘biggest picnic ever’ with the feeding of the five thousand. I think English Martyrs will be having a ‘Big Share’ after half term! BRILLIANT!  I had my photo taken with some really fun Year 3s; I didn’t want to leave them but they had to go back to class. Shame!

Fran with friends at St Paul's

It was back in the bag with the jam and tomatoes and we were off to St Paul’s in the afternoon. We talked about similar things as we had done in the morning, but afterwards they had their ‘praise assembly’.  It was exciting to hear all the wonderful things children had done during the week. I learnt how to make the Sign of the Cross and pray the Children’s Angelus which has come from the Northampton Diocese.

The lovely pupils from Year 6 helped Linda with the CAFOD assembly by reading some prayers for her. I had my photo taken again with children from different year groups and I was well looked after. I hope they too will be having a BIG SHARE after half term…that means I can visit them again!

Well you can imagine, my first day of doing assemblies in 2 big schools and I’d talked to nearly 600 people and I was exhausted!

Fran with friends at Christ the King

I had a good rest over the weekend but had to be up early on Monday morning to get to Christ the King School. Each Monday for assembly they start with a different language (Linda was really pleased because it was Irish and she’s Irish) they said ‘Dia dhuit’ which means ‘God be with you’ and the response,in Irish, is ‘God and Mary be with you’.  Isn’t that lovely? The whole school said it.

The children at Christ the King, were also very kind and caring. They had some fantastic responses to Linda’s questions about sharing. Mr Cosgrove said they would have a Big Share after half term too!

Wow that’s 3 schools who are going to do something special for CAFOD. I had more photos taken! Then it was back in the car travelling with the remains of the jam and tomatoes!  I’m looking forward to being at the Harvest Mass at Christ the King’s next Friday.

The week after next Linda is going on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land; I wonder if she can take me in her luggage?

Stay tuned for more of Francesca’s adventures… Coming Soon!

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