Reading Uni students are Hungry for Change

Dozens of “aspiring fishermen” visited our stall last Thursday at the Reading University Freshers’ Fayre, where our popular, old-fashioned fishing rod game attracted many players as a way of raising awareness of our Hungry for Change campaign.

As you know, fishes and loaves are the symbols of our campaign and the fishing rod game is a way of “catching” people’s attention – players compete against one another and have to catch as many fish as they can in one minute, using the magnetic fishing rod. Some of the fishes have messages with facts about world hunger written on them, which are a useful way to introduce students to the campaign and encourage them to support it by signing one of our action cards – which most of the students did!

We collected over 70 signatures for the campaign on the day and we were visited by approximately 100 students – it was a lively and fun day! Some of our visitors are pictured above – congratulations to George who caught all the fishes in under 1 minute and was the overall winner of the final prize, a CAFOD Great Generation mug!

A huge thanks to our volunteer Linda Heneghan who helped us at the stall on the day and brought along Francesca the puppet (pictured above), who also had a go at fishing!! Thanks everyone! 🙂

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