A Harvest of Talents!

Pupils from St George’s Catholic VA College in Southampton and All Hallows Catholic School in Farnham are putting their business talents to the test and boosting their fundraising efforts for CAFOD this Harvest!

Both schools from our diocese are part of a special national CAFOD pilot  ‘Harvest of Talents’. The idea is based on the Biblical parable of talents which reminds us that God gives us gifts and skills that can be used for the good of others.


During yesterday’s introductory workshops, students were invited to reflect on the parable and think about their own abilities.  They were then challenged to think of as many ways as they could to use their talents for the benefit of CAFOD’s partners overseas and each pupil was given £10 to invest in their ideas with the aim of multiplying this money as much as they can over the next four weeks.


Pupils at St George’s came up with a variety of ideas such as a talent competition, football tournament, fishing competition, sponsored ‘onesie’ day and a ‘3 man triathlon’. A number of stalls were also suggested selling sweets, candy floss and even artwork!

Similarly, students at All Hallows thought of a wide range of things to do including dog walking, a school-wide ‘dodge’ ball competition, a car wash, tombola, tie-dye t-shirts and lots of food and drink stalls to entice people at break and lunch times!


During the workshops, the classes also learned about 16-year old Mari, from Divineia shanty town in São Paulo, Brazil. Mari’s involvement with CAFOD’s partner APOIO has meant that despite the many obstacles she faces to get on in life, she is actively working with her community to fight for homes in her area to have regular rubbish collection, affordable water and electricity rates, adequate sanitation and safe, green outdoor spaces.


Mari is using her talents to make a difference, and through lobbying and making her voice heard  she is gaining valuable talents for the future. This is what the scheme – Harvest of Talents – is galvanising young people to do: to put their talents and skills to the test. In doing so, their support will mean that CAFOD can continue the vital work of fighting poverty in some of the world’s poorest communities. 

We’re hoping to hear from the pupils at St George’s and All Hallows as they undertake their challenge so watch this space for more photos and updates!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank RE Teachers Mrs Lee-Cann and Ms Houghton for all their help and for overseeing the whole project and all the pupils who were just so enthusiastic about the project!   Thank you to all the parents and teachers across both schools for their support too! It’s so exciting! We can’t wait to see hear what they all do!  Such great schools!

For more information on CAFOD’s work in Brazil, in Divineia, please go to http://connect2brazil.wordpress.com/welcome-to-divineia/

More information on CAFOD Harvest Fast Day, please go to: http://www.cafod.org.uk/Education/Secondary-schools/Harvest-food

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