St Peter’s Students are Hungry for Change!

What a great morning we had at St Peter’s RC secondary school in Bournemouth this week! A BIG thank you to everyone who we met and thank you for all your support for our Hungry for Change campaign.

Patricia Walmsley (our new Education Volunteer) and I were lucky enough to work with four RE classes who looked at some of the reasons why one in eight people in our world don’t have enough to eat.


To illustrate this, we played the excellent ‘Can you beat the system’ game produced by Oxfam. Pupils had to imagine they were small scale farmers living in a less economically developed country who make their living by growing to sell at local market. Each group had to produce a crop by drawing/cutting out as many maize as they could in 5 – 10 minutes.

Everyone started off with exactly the same materials but after a short time had passed, different groups received different news. Some groups had been hit by extreme weather, some had to cope with high food prices and one group had their land bought by a wealthy company so they could not longer farm it.


The students thought about how it felt when their crops were destroyed and they had to start from nothing or how they felt about half their materials being taken away when food prices began to rise and they had to sell their materials to get by. However one group had received investment from the government and produced more than anyone else (which has happened in some countries such as Vietnam whose number of hungry people halved in just 12 years).

We then watched the excellent film produced by the coalition campaign on food ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ (of which CAFOD’s Hungry for Change is a part).

Pupils were then invited to write messages to David Cameron, calling on him to act for a fairer food system. Here are some extracts from them below:

Dear Mr Cameron….
‘I am shocked about how many families go hungry every night…

‘Did you know that one in eight people wake up hungry? Did you know that if they joined hands they could go round the world 20 times..’

‘..This needs to STOP NOW. There is ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE!’

‘Imagine when you’re sitting down for dinner in the evening, children all over the world aren’t…..’

‘The food system is failing….’


‘.. we could (make a difference) by supporting the farmers and helping them grow their crops. Also we should make companies be truthful about how they do business.’

‘.. we also need to try to stop wasting so much food..’

‘..the quicker we help, the quicker we can change lives..’

‘…if I was in your position, I would help!’

‘Please think about this because we are ‘Hungry for Change!’


Fantastic stuff! It’s always lovely to visit St Peter’s and work with the pupils and staff. Thank you all so much for inviting us in – especially Head of RE, Luke Herford and all the other RE teachers we worked with on the day. Everyone made us feel so welcome and all the students were just brilliant. It was a joy. What a fab school!

For more information on CAFOD’ Hungry for Change campaign, please go to
For more information on the ‘Can you beat the system’ workshop please go to

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