Congratulations Ana!

Huge congratulations to our supporter Ana Maria Ojeda Dopico from Reading, who, as we announced some time ago, took part in the “Seahorse swim”  in Dorset last Sunday – swimming 3km without a wetsuit, in typically British “summer” weather!

Here is what she had to say about the experience:

“And the great day arrived at the end! Given the weather forecast, the organizers decided to change the planned route and reduced it to “just” 3K instead of the initial 3.8K. The temperature outside was 14C (15C when the sun was out – not very often though!), and 12.8C in the water.

Around the end of the 1st Km, my swim caps (two, to protect my “ideas” from the cold) decided to pop out of my head, dragging my swim goggles with them. I had to swim the rest of the route with no caps and the googles hanging from my neck (my eyes really loved that :-S). On Km 2.5 my left calf decided to cramp, so I finished the last 500m with just one leg kicking … and the other one hurting. But after 1h1min in the sea … I got to the shore!! So mission accomplished!”

With her challenge, Ana has already raised an amazing £423.18 for CAFOD, which is really impressive! And it’s not too late to support Ana: you can do so via her Justgiving page, or alternatively via SMS from any UK-based phone (text AMOD99 £2 / £5 / £10 to 70070; e.g. AMOD99 £5)

Thank you so much for all your efforts Ana, and we hope you are having a well-deserved rest! 🙂

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