Oaklands Students Live from Korogocho!

As you know, three students from Oaklands Catholic School in Waterlooville visited CAFOD partner St John’s Sports Society in Korogocho in June and during their visit they were featured on the Tim Daykin Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Solent live from Kenya!

Tim interviewed other Oaklands’ pupils back in 2011 and followed this up by interviewing this year’s group who were very excited to speak to him!

On the day of their interview, the students took in a special Mass on the feast of St John and a special dedication service for the new Cultural Centre.

When asked by Tim what impression the visit was making on them one student said,

‘It’s fascinating to see….the similarities and difference between our two cultures….I feel different about my faith….I want to be more grateful for everything…”

Another said,

“I am having an amazing time…. The atmosphere is amazing. Everyone is so positive…
The work that CAFOD has done….is absolutely beautiful….It’s the greatest feeling in the world, knowing that you’re making a difference!”

“….CAFOD’s slogan is just one world and that’s true because we all live on one world and we really need to start remembering that….In England we live in such privilege and where we are now, some people are struggling to feed their family and I think….we really as a world and maybe some of the more privileged nations, need to start thinking about how we can help reduce that….”

For more information and background on their visit – please go to our last blog entry here:

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