Back to Korogocho!


Pupils from Oaklands Catholic School in Waterlooville have been interviewed about the school’s return visit to CAFOD partner St John’s Sports Society in Korogocho, Kenya today on BBC Radio Solent.

The students will be visiting St John’s along with their teacher Mr Mugeni Sumba to meet the school’s old friends, including Coordinator Father John Webootsa.

Since Oaklands visited St John’s back in 2011, the school (and St Columba’s school in St Albans) have both been supporting St John’s by raising funds that have helped to build a new Cultural Centre for the whole community.

The visit will co-incide with St John’s Sports Society’s feast day, Sunday 23 June 2013 and this will also mark the official opening of the Centre itself as well as the second anniversary of the schools’ first visit to St John’s with CAFOD in 2011.

As readers of this blog will know, Oaklands pupils and staff have continued to communicate with the young people of St John’s since their visit.

Mr Sumba (who visited the Society back in 2011) said:

‘Although each school has been supporting CAFOD for a long time, this visit brought home to just how valuable CAFOD’s work is in changing lives and offering a fresh start to many communities in the world. Students saw how the money raised is used and the impact it has on many people.

“Since June 2011, both schools have also been visited by two special people from St John’s, Fr John and Abdi. Both visitors shared their experiences of living in a slum with each school’s community. Students heard how despite the difficulties, they are trying to fight for justice and fairness and we were inspired to double our efforts in campaigning for justice and peace.

“As a community, we would like to foster closer links between our young people so that they can learn from each other’s experience. The schools feel that that there is so much that they could do together – with the Sports Society and the School there as well.”

Mr Sumba said:

“Oaklands would like to raise the profile of campaigning for justice among its young people especially in the Sixth Form. We want our pupils to become more proactive in standing up for justice, lobbying and holding conferences with like minded Colleges to raise awareness of global injustices. We hope that these Sixth Formers with enthuse their colleagues to become active campaigners for justice on their return.”

But what do the young people who are going think? Tune into BBC Radio Solent here! You’ll need to click on ‘Listen now’ on this page and then scroll through to their interview which is on after 1:09 (one hour and 9 minutes and 19 seconds!)

The visit begins on 20 June so stay tuned to the blog for further updates.

Both Oaklands and St Columbas are fully funding their second visit to St John’s.

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