Havant’s “Big IF”!

Big congratulations to St Joseph’s parish in Havant, who recently got the community involved in producing a “Big IF” for our Enough Food for Everyone IF G8 rally in London on 8 June – it also featured on the home page of the CAFOD main website!

A special thanks goes especially to our parish contact Maureen Thompson who promoted the Hungry for Change in the parish and got parishioners to sign cards and write messages on the fishes and loaves.

We are now really looking forward to the G8 rally – only 10 days to go!

We still have places available on our coaches, so if you haven’t booked your place yet, please contact here at the office as soon as possible – the more we are, the stronger a message we will be able to send to world leaders! Join us to make it a really memorable day!

One thought on “Havant’s “Big IF”!

  1. I also had some help from mrs ward’s class from st Thomas more’s school who designed some very colourful fish with messages so parish earners can not fail to notice them in church

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