Arts trail raises money for Syria appeal

As part of the Emsworth arts trail,  our volunteer Maureen Thompson and her husband Stuart from St Joseph’s parish in Havant recently opened their home and held an exhibition of watercolours put together by Heather Gray-Newton,  Stuart’s watercolour teacher, to share the talents of 6 of his students. In the kitchen, tea and cake was offered to visitors, giving an opportunity for a rest and a chance to meet new friends. The money raised from selling the watercolours was donated to the Syria Crisis Appeal  – a fantastic total of £149.50 was raised on the day.

Last weekend, arts trail visitors had a chance to visit Emsworth church where a ten metre mural marking the Year of Faith was displayed, created by St Joseph’s parishioners as part of their livesimply stewardship project.  A group of about 30 parishioners had been involved in planning and painting the picture, which illustrates the liturgical year including various aspects of parish life and ways in which parishioners have been involved.

All the best to St Joseph’s parish as they get ready for their livesimply assessment this weekend and hopefully will receive the award – we look forward to it and a huge thanks to Maureen for all the effort she has put into this over the past year.

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