Fabulous Farnborough Hill!

Throughout Lent the staff, parents and students at Farnborough Hill really pulled the stops out to support CAFOD’s Lenten appeal and raised a fantastic £862.36 for our partners throughout the world. Thank you all so much!

Simple lunches were served on Fast Day and the school’s fab catering team donned tshirts, shaky tins and decorated the whole area in CAFOD materials! Such a great photo of them all! Thank you!

Sheila Farmer, School Chaplain, also gave an assembly on our Hungry for Change campaign which calls for fundamental changes to the global food system.

The campaign asks for empowering aid for small scale farmers, especially women, to help them access markets and increase their income, bargaining power and voice in decisions.

Furthermore it calls for checks on the power of global food companies, requiring them to report on the lobbying they do and their impacts on human rights and to ensure that workers in global supply chains get a fair deal.

But it also asks us to look at what’s on our own plates as we’re all part of this global food system. By choosing local, sustainable and Fairtrade food, we can send a powerful signal to companies that we want a fairer food system.

This year is really crucial as the UK is hosting the G8 summit with some of the world’s most powerful leaders– so we are asking David Cameron to put food high on the global agenda and act for a fairer system.

As part of the campaign, students were invited to write their own messages to David Cameron. Here are some of them below:

Dear Prime Minister…

‘Did you know that there’s enough food in the world to feed everyone? Then why are there so many people going hungry?’

‘..we just don’t share it out properly’

‘Please help change our food system. It is not working..’

‘..our food system is failing… Unless we change it, 870 million people will continue to go hungry. One in eight people do not get enough food, yet the world produces enough food to feed everyone’

‘Everyone has the right to have food every day…’

‘You have the power to change this!’

Way to go Farnborough Hill!

Thank you all so much for your great support for our Lenten appeal and our Hungry for Change campaign!

If you would like further information on our Hungry for Change campaign please go to http://www.cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Take-action-today/Hungry-for-change

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