Swimming for a better world!


Our supporter Ana Maria Ojeda Dopico from Reading will be “swimming the extra mile” this summer in aid of Cafod!

She will be taking part in “The Seahorse Swim” – a 3.8km swim across Studland Bay,  near Swanage on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset on 23 June 2013. And just as if this wasn’t challenging enough in itself, she will be competing without a wetsuit – facing potentially freezing-cold waters!

But Ana is not intimidated – she believes this is a wonderful opportunity to make the world a better place, by taking the opportunity to fundraise for Cafod! She writes:

“Swimming could be just another way of working for a better world. Those who know me are already aware of my “adventures” in the Spanish Atlantic during summer, so why is this one different?

Well, for a start, the maximum I have ever swam in the sea is 3K, so this event is 800m beyond my current limit.

Secondly, the Spanish Atlantic could be quite cold (down to 13-15C) even in summer, but with sunshine and an outside temperature above 20C, it almost becomes bearable (wetsuits are for cowards!). In this case, we are speaking of the Dorset coast in June, so wish me luck with that, because anything could happen!

What could make me jump into the water with NO WETSUIT at 10AM on June 23rd, specially if there is no sunshine and the air temperature (better not to think about the water!) drops below 18C?

YOU!! How? By donating to Cafod and helping me reach (or surpass) my fundraising goal. With all of YOU supporting their excellent work with poor communities overseas, there is no way I could escape the tide.

Thanks in advance!”

Ana hopes to raise £300 from the challenge – you can support her by donating via her JustGiving page and/or spreading the news about her challenge with her great fundraising leaflet.

We wish Ana all the best with her training and fundraising efforts, and we look forward to hearing all about the challenge! We will be praying for warm weather for the day! 🙂

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