Supergoat Assembly At St Francis School

St Francis presentation

Pupils at St Francis School in Ascot were wowed by ‘Supergoat’ last week at their assembly with Education Volunteer Matt White.

Matt explained how much of a difference the supergoat made to Tabita’s life. Supergoat has kept 3 year old Tabita alive, when her family did not have enough to eat.  The goat is much better suited for survival during drought than the local Kenyan goats, as it can live on less water.  Its milk is also much more nutritious than the milk of the local goats.

Matt also explained that the supergoat can produce 2 litres of milk a day, whereas the local goat can only produce 25ml a day. The vast difference between these amounts was demonstrated by showing them the difference in the size of containers needed to hold this much milk.

Now Tabita helps her family care for their goat and, by selling the goat’s milk, the family have an income.

For more information on our Lenten resources for primary schools, please go to

Thank you to everyone at St Francis for their prayers and support.

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