St Mary’s College is Hungry For Change

Students from St Mary’s College were ‘Hungry for Change’ last week after a visit from CAFOD Education Volunteers from the University of Southampton Catholic Society.

Year 7 and 8 classses discussed the need for empowering aid for small scale farmers, especially women, to help them access markets and increase their income, bargaining power and voice in decisions.  They also thought about the importance of checks on the power of global food companies and the campaign’s ask that these same companies report on the lobbying they do and their impacts on human rights.

Pupils then wrote messages to David Cameron as he will play a crucial role at this year’s G8 meeting in June:

“Try to understand how important it is for these people to eat. They need food to live. I don’t think it’s fair for the people who grow the crops to have nothing to eat, whilst in the UK lots of wasted. Try to help.”

“I think it is essential that everybody in the world should get a fair share of all of the food. We all deserve the same supplies. We just need to act to make it fair.”

“No parent wants their child to go to bed hungry at night! It’s time for change.”

“Please support small scale farmers to help grow the world’s food and global companies to come together as one.”

A big thank you to teacher Katie Thom and all the pupils at St Mary’s for their fantastic support as well as our Education Volunteers Roger Lillie, Kate O’Shea and Davide, Aurore, Mark, Donald and Edgar from the Southampton University Catholic Society for all their hard work.

Email David Cameron today and be ‘Hungry for Change’ via our website:


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