Ennis Runs Reading Half For CAFOD

John Ennis

A ‘J Ennis’ is running the Reading Half-Marathon for CAFOD. But it’s not Jessica Ennis, the Olympic Gold Medal-winning heptathlete, but Reading Councillor John Ennis.

John, of English Martyrs parish, is currently in training for the 13-mile run on March 17 and is hoping to raise around £200 for CAFOD. This is not his first half marathon, and his best time is a speedy 1 hour and 36 minutes.

He said: “In my training I’ve come close to 13 miles, but I’m leaving the whole distance until race day. It’s a scandal that one in eight people on the planet will go hungry every night even though there’s enough food in the world to feed everyone. I’m running for CAFOD who help people feed themselves today, tomorrow and long into the future and they always do a good job. I think they’re brilliant.”

Good luck for Sunday, John, and maybe you can even beat your personal best

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