livesimply workshop at St Joseph’s Havant

As part of their work towards achieving the livesimply parish award, our volunteer Maureen Thompson from St Joseph’s parish in Havant organised a special “livesimply faith workshop” during the recent half term break.

She reports:
“During half term, families were invited to St Joseph’s in Havant for a livesimply creative workshop. The activity is part of our plan to build friendship and faith.

We are lucky to have Ross, a seminarian, staying in our parish, so we invited him to open our morning in church by reading the Gospel for the day, the parable of the mustard seed.  He encouraged everyone to think about it more deeply by travelling back in our “tardis” to Galilee and being part of the crowd listening to Jesus tell the story and imagine the seed of faith growing inside us.
Spiritually refreshed and back in the present, we went to the parish hall and got out our paint brushes and glue!

We worked on two large art works: a Mustard Tree of Faith and a landscape of Galilee, painting ourselves in the scene.   When we needed a change we went outside and planted a few bulbs in front of the church door – hopefully we will see them grow next spring.
We had about 20 children and their mums taking part, and everyone said they enjoyed themselves. We struggled to find the right time for family get-togethers, but half term seemed to be a winner and we will continue with this idea after we have achieved the livesimply award”.
Thanks very much to Maureen for her creativity in finding different ways of involving the whole parish in the livesimply initiative! We look forward to St Joseph’s receiving the award – it will be very well deserved.

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