Inspiring CAFOD ambassadors at St Edmund Campion!

Once again, pupils from the primary school brought Harvest Fast Day to life at St Edmund Campion parish in Maidenhead! At the 3 Masses over the weekend, the children were fantastic CAFOD ambassadors and delivered their talks with great confidence and passion.

They thanked everyone in the congregation for their fantastic support for our Lenten Appeal, and gave examples of how the massive total of £9 million raised nationally will enable us to scale up our water and sanitation programmes in many of the countries where we work (and we are still in discussion with the government about how much will be match-funded).

For example, we will now double our water programmes in Sri Lanka reaching 20,000 people and we’ll now have enough money to build latrines, boreholes and solar powered pumps to reach twice as many people as we’d originally hoped in Zimbabwe. In Guatemala – we’re expanding our water programmes ten-fold.

The children then introduced the story of 9-year old Gift from Zambia and the Harvest Fast Day theme “Make a place at your table“, inviting everyone to pray for our brothers and sisters across the world who are struggling to feed themselves and encouraging everyone to support our Harvest appeal to help us provide other families like Gift’s around the world with the tools, seeds and training that they need to become self-sufficient and ensure a dignified way of living for themselves.

The pupils all did so well and it is so inspiring to have such young speakers bringing the CAFOD message to life! Thank you so much to you all – and also to your parents, Deputy Head Sandra Barry who prepared the children, Fr Michael for his great support and the whole congregation for their generosity!

After Mass, our brilliant speakers gave us their comments about the experience – take a look at the videos below!

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