We’re Making A Place at Our Table

Children at Corpus Christi RC primary school in Boscombe have spent this week working with Education Volunteer Susan Kelly and thinking about food and the importance of sharing God’s resources with everyone.

Pupils in Reception looked at what sharing means and discussed the different types of food featured in our ‘Share the Harvest’ poster. They talked about who was sitting at the table, what they were eating and the empty place.  The children also discussed what the empty place might mean and Susan explained that one in seven people in our world will go to bed hungry tonight even though there is enough food for everyone.  They then thought again about how important it was to share so that everyone can have what they need to live life to the full.

In Year 1, Susan thanked the pupils for supporting our Lenten appeal ‘Thirst for Change’ and told them that God had called her to help people who do not have enough to eat in our world.  Her request for “Hands up if you can help me?”  received a great response!

The children looked inside Susan’s shopping bag and thought about where the different foods they found came from and who had grown it before writing a grace to say before their meals.

In another activity, Year 3 looked at 8 food items and thought about how much a family of 7 could eat for 7 days a week.  They also looked at the materials you need to grow food and how seeds, tools and training could transform the lives of families by enabling them to feed themselves and sell their surplus to buy other things they need.  The class then wrote their own prayers on the special plate template, thanking God for the food they eat and praying for those who do not have their fair share.

Thank you so much to all the children, parents and staff at Corpus Christi for all your fantastic support for CAFOD. We really do appreciate all you do! Thank you all!

For further information on Harvest Fast Day, please go to www.cafod.org.uk/harvest

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