Sharing the Harvest at Our Lady’s Prep

Today is Fast Day and this week we have many different Harvest Fast Day assemblies and classroom sessions going on across the diocese to commemorate this special day – starting with this lovely visit to the children and staff of Our Lady Prep School in Crowthorne!

Education Volunteer, Carol McAdam brought along her home grown vegetables to celebrate the harvest with the children and to ask them to think about how food is distributed across the world.  The children thought about the fact that God created our world with enough for everyone to share but whilst some have more than enough, some do not have nearly enough. The seven plates you see here in the photo are to demonstrate the fact that in today’s world one in seven people go hungry.

The children also thought about where our food comes from and the people who grow it – and focussed on some children around the world whose families grow their food now with support from CAFOD.

Today, schools across England and Wales will be thinking about these issues and praying for children all around the world that they might have a fair share of food.

Thank you to Carol and to everyone at Our Lady’s Prep for your support and prayers for our partners around the world on this special day.

For further information on Harvest Fast Day, please go to

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