Huge Romero cross marks CAFOD’s 50th anniversary

Our Bracknell-based volunteer Hugh Gibbons has just completed an ambitious project to commemorate CAFOD’s 50th anniversary: a giant version (over 7ft) of our popular Romero cross!

Hugh made the cross in his own garage, and it was presented to parishioners at St Francis in Ascot (where he worships) last weekend. The cross is currently on show inside the church. Parish priest Fr Tom Taaffe suggested that parishioners visit and touch it as a sign of solidarity with the poor of the world.

Later in autumn, the cross will be permanently on display outside the church, in a wooden stained-glass window. Until then, it is available to local schools and churches who might wish to showcase it! It has already made an appearance at the summer fete at St Margaret Clitherow Primary School in Bracknell earlier this month.

The cross wishes to be a “thank you” to the Catholic community for their support of CAFOD over the past 50 years. Pictures of St Francis (patron saint of the environment) and Oscar Romero have also been added to the cross.

A big thanks to Hugh for his creativity and for coming up with such a brilliant idea to celebrate our anniversary and remind everybody of CAFOD!

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