Brilliant Beaulieu & Fantastic FCJ!

On the last day of our visit to Jersey, my colleague Gill and I visited two fantastic schools – Beaulieu RC Convent and FCJ RC primary.   It was a great opportunity to thank all the staff, pupils and parents for all their support over the years – for our emergency appeals, our Fast Days and World Gifts.

We gave two assemblies at Beaulieu Convent primary and then FCJ – which highlighted some of the injustices we have in our world and some of the actions we can take to help change this (i.e. learn about our world, pray for our leaders and ourselves to make the right choices, support Fairtrade, look after God’s creation, speak out against unfairness and share what we have with others).  Pupils were asked to remember the six actions – and recollect them in the right order!  (Not easy on their first day back from half term – but they did it!)

It was lovely to then spend a lesson with Year 5 at Beaulieu to talk about Fairtrade. We looked at the banana production chain, with groups given the role of banana worker, plantation owner, shipper, importer and shops/supermarkets.

Each group had to decide how much of the price of a banana they should receive – and everyone came up with some pretty convincing arguments!

We looked at the difference Fairtrade makes and the number of products now on the market – asking the children to talk about Fairtrade to their family and friends to help spread the word.

We then rounded off the day with a special assembly for Beaulieu Convent’s secondary school pupils giving a very brief overview of our work and exploring, in a little more detail in this Olympic year, why we fund sports programmes around the world and how we work with partners.

Again, it was a great chance to thank everyone for their fantastic support over the years. We also asked pupils to check out our facebook pages (if they are 13+) by looking for either ‘Great Generation’ or our local ‘CAFOD Portsmouth’ page and we stated that we would LOVE to hear about any CAFOD related activities that they may be carrying out.

Our special thanks go to Marta Pugsley (School Chaplain) who organised our visit to Beaulieu and Maureen Doyle (Headteacher) who made all the arrangements at FCJ.

Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome and helping us to travel between the schools on the day. We couldn’t have done any of it without you both. Thank you so much!

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