Young entrepreneurs at St Dominic Savio!

Pupils from St Dominic Savio Catholic Primary School in Reading have been pulling all the stops this Lent to raise money for CAFOD!

From toy sales to cake decoration to cake sales, all year groups were involved, to make the most of the match-funding opportunity. Year 6 pupils were tasked with designing and running their own stalls during a special “Competitions and Craft Stalls” afternoon. In total, £1,200 was raised for the appeal, which is fantastic!

Clerical officer Claire Willoughby, who helped organise the fundraising activities, said: “The children were keen to donate to the CAFOD appeal as they realised that they take basic things such as a clean water supply for granted. They wanted to ensure that some of the money they raised would help children in other parts of the world who aren’t as fortunate as they are.”

As an example of their activities, you can see some of the stalls from Year 6 here.

Thanks so much to everyone for their creativity and efforts!

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