Celebrating Lenten successes at St Swithun’s!

Our Education Volunteer Maureen Thompson recently went back to St Swithun’s Primary School in Southsea, to thank the pupils for all the efforts they had undertaken during Lent.

She sent us this report:

“St Swithun’s Primary School in Southsea began the summer term with a celebration of all the efforts they had made in support of CAFOD’s Lenten appeal. The special assembly opened with a water-themed song. While the song was playing, two children set off round the hall with their water containers.

The children were then reminded of the story of Rosena, which Maureen had introduced during a previous assembly in March.  Since then, the children had learnt more about Rosena in class.  Many of them had been particularly upset to learn that Rosena’s grandmother had died from cholera after drinking dirty water. George came up and expressed how many of his schoolmates felt about the fact that people were dying because not everyone had access to clean water. He felt this was very unfair and that things needed to change because everyone needs clean water.

Grace was then asked to say what she had done, as an example of the real sacrifices the children had made to put their beliefs into action.  She said she had been saving money for a special holiday to Euro Disney, but in the end she decided to bring it to school to give to CAFOD instead, because she thought it was more important to help people.

Then each class brought up a bucketful of money they had collected and tipped out to create their own beautiful “river of change” – as you can see in the pictures! They have sent an amazing total of £306 to CAFOD, as they were keen to get their money doubled by the government. Maureen thanked all the children who had given up treats during Lent to help CAFOD.

Each class also brought up prayers written on a water droplet (see pictures below) and placed them on their prayer tree.  The children’s prayers have been sent off to CAFOD and were part of the droplet displays that were used yesterday for the hand-in of cards and messages to Downing Street.

The assembly finished when the two (rather weary!) children who had been carrying water arrived – one poured out a glass of water “provided by” a CAFOD sponsored pump –clean and fresh. The other poured out their water “from the river” – dirty with the risk of disease!

I thanked the pupils for all their prayers and messages which have now arrived before the Prime Minister and will hopefully encourage him to speak up for those without water at international meetings.”

We would like to add our huge thanks to everybody too – the pupils did so well with their fundraising and messages, we are delighted! And thanks to Maureen too for continuing to be such a great CAFOD ambassador in so many schools! 🙂

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