Super Stars!

Three super speakers from St Joseph’s RC Primary School in Aldershot spoke out about water poverty last Sunday in Church Crookham and Aldershot.

The three pupils, who were finalists at the local CAFOD Primary Public Speaking  Competition back in March, spoke clearly and confidently about CAFOD’s Lenten theme after morning Mass.

One pupil focussed on some of the injustices faced by many in our world stating,

‘In England we turn on the tap and have endless clean water. We often waste it.  But in many African countries, people have to work desperately hard to find water….. We shower for 5 minutes and use more water than some have in a day. Where’s the justice?’

Another pupil said it was wrong to think in terms of the ‘Third World’ and really emphasised the fact that we come from ‘just one world and one human family’ and that ‘we can all do our part’ and make a difference.

Great stuff!

Parishioners gathered round afterwards to congratulate the girls on a sterling job commenting on their use of expression and their great use of language.  One parishioner commented that she could tell that everyone was listening very carefully to every word they said!  Just brilliant!

But what did the girls think? Let’s see on this short film!

Meanwhile, a third pupil spoke at Holy Trinity in Church Crookham and was absolutely terrific!  St Joseph’s School’s School Chaplain, Marjorie Cumpstey was there to support him and said, ‘He almost got a standing ovation!   Everyone was extremly impressed as he barely looked at his script. We handed out stickers and cards plus our speaker held a basket for a voluntary collection for CAFOD. He raised over two hundred pounds!’  Well done!

It was a great way to end our Lenten appeal (which finishes on 17 May) and show just how committed, knowledgeable, passionate and articulate young people are on the topic of global justice!

Thank you so much to our young speakers for all their hard work and for sharing their enthusiasm with everyone.

Thank you also to their parents and families for their support. Our thanks also go to Mrs Marshall, Mrs Cumpstey and Headteacher Mr James for all their fantastic support and to Father David and Father Sean of course for encouraging them to speak.

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