St Margaret Clitherow’s pupils sing for PM!

Before Easter, our Education Volunteer Hugh Gibbons visited St Margaret Clitherow Primary School in Bracknell, where he introduced the Thirst for Change campaign to the children in a very special way!

During the assembly, he asked everyone to form a big choir facing towards Westminster – and invited everyone to sing the verse “We Thirst For Change” to the tunes of the chimes of Big Ben. The song was directed to Prime Minster David Cameron as part of CAFOD’s Thirst for Change campaign efforts to encourage his counterparts to end water poverty when they all meet at the G8 summit in Chicago in May.

The school had also raised an amazing £800 towards CAFOD’s Lenten appeal.

Hugh said: “Everyone knew the very appropriate tune. Reception started things off with bings and bongs, followed in turn by each Year.” Pupils were also briefed on how their parents could join in by signing campaign cards to send to David Cameron, which were distributed.

Given the success of the experiment in the school, Hugh repeated it the following week at his parish, St Francis in Ascot, where he invited 500 parishioners across the 2 Masses to raise their campaign cards and wave them in the direction of Westminster – before inviting everyone to sign them in support of the campaign.

This was definitely the most original attempt we had in our Diocese to promote the campaign – and it is great to hear that it went so well! Thanks so much to Hugh for his creativity, and to all children and parishioners for their great support!

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