Getting closer to the livesimply award!

Havant parish is making huge steps towards the livesimply award! They have now completed all their planned Lenten walks and our parish contact Maureen Thompson has sent us this report:

“Our Lenten efforts for the livesimply award have been focusing on the Thirst for Change campaign, and also on creation. We have already reported on our first walk, and we have now completed the other creation walks. On Mother’s Day (18 March), we started from Emsworth church and we walked up to Westbourne and back. Our prayers were focused on the creative love of mothers: our own and those in the Bible, as you can see from our prayer sheet.

We also had a special “Mother’s Day quiz” to keep us going – with questions such as: “Did you know that the most children born to one mother were 69?”. At Westbourne, two volunteers had tea ready for us and the children decorated cakes and biscuits as gift for their mothers, while the adults chatted and got to know each other.

Our final walk took place on Sports Relief Sunday (25 March) and was not so popular, but we did meet up with parishioners who were doing the Sports Relief mile, and others enjoying the sunshine and cheering their friends on. All the Sports Relief walkers around us helped us understand that the Olympic values of respect, dignity and friendship on which we had focused our prayer are truly in action in our community.

All three walks were simple and practical, gave us the opportunity for some reflection and worship, and an opportunity to reach out and get to know other people in our parish”.

Well done to everyone taking part! 🙂 And thanks again to Maureen for all her efforts – and for reporting! The award is indeed coming closer and closer!

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