St John’s College Thirsts for Change!

Year 9 students from St John’s College Southsea tested their knowledge of water poverty last week, during a visit from our Education Volunteer Val Croughan.

Val reports:

‘We looked at how we use water in the UK, and of comparative water poverty in some parts of the world.’

‘The session generated some lively discussion between the students, class teacher and myself, followed by some searching questions and observations that showed pupils’ real enthusiasm for change.’

Students took part in CAFOD’s Thirst for Change campaign, asking David Cameron to call on world leaders to tackle water poverty at the G8 meeting in May.

Pupils wrote their own personal messages on special water droplets, reminding our Prime Minister of the importance of this issue for the health, education and dignity of all.

‘Would you give this dirty water to your children?’ was just one of the questions asked.

‘Why should a child die from disease every 20 seconds when clean water could save them?’

Our thanks go to Val Croughan, Jane Turner (Head of RE at St John’s) and all the pupils for their fantastic support.

For more information on CAFOD’s Thirst for Change campaign, please go to

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