What a beginning of Lent in Havant!

The intrepid walkers!!!

As announced recently, the parishes of Havant and Emsworth have a very busy Lenten journey planned – with CAFOD being one of the main elements of it! They had a fantastic beginning the last two weekends, as our volunteer Maureen Thompson reports:

“To celebrate CAFOD’s 50 years in Havant and Emsworth, we are highlighting CAFOD’s campaign Thirst for Change. We think it’s great – as while we are meditating about how we thirst for change in our spiritual lives, the campaign enables us to put our faith into action by helping those who are physically thirsty.  We have put up big banners outside our churches so everyone passing will know what we are doing.

In our newsletter, all our weekly “live simply – live sustainably – live in solidarity” suggested actions for Lent are linked to CAFOD’s water campaign. Have a look at the leaflet we handed out at the beginning of Lent!

In church, we are using the CAFOD Reflections on water poverty to meet some of the people CAFOD has highlighted and to help us understand their lives and why they struggle through water scarcity.

Having highlighted this special Family Fast Day when our contributions will be doubled by the government, we decided that we also needed to celebrate CAFOD’s 50th anniversary. So, on Friday evening (2nd March, Fast Day itself) we met for Mass and reaffirmed our commitment to justice with the prayer card given at the CAFOD Anniversary Mass at Westminster. Afterwards, we decided to break our fast together with an international party – people were invited to bring food from different countries in the world, as you can see below!

Delly from the Philippines came not only with all sorts of lovely food, but also a group of friends who were able to give us advice on how to carry water on our heads – and Amalia (pictured below) livened up the evening, not only by introducing us to the Colombian delicacy of “ants” but also to Colombian music and the need to dance!

On Sunday we gave out the Thirst for Change cards – ready to make our “river of change” to be sent to Downing Street! In the afternoon, a dozen of us braved all that lovely rain water to go on the first of our Lent creation walks along the sea front in Emsworth – carrying our 9 litres can of water. Take a look at our walk sheet here!”

Wow! 🙂 What more could we add to this? Maureen’s report really says it all – Havant parish is a true CAFOD star!! We hope that such a wonderful programme of celebrations and initiatives may inspire other parishes to incorporate some of these ideas in their celebrations too, this Lent or in the future! We will keep you posted on the next events planned in Havant in the forthcoming weeks – so don’t forget to visit our blog regularly!

We cannot thank Maureen enough for her energy, enthusiasm and all that she is doing for us – and of course huge thanks to all her helpers, all parishioners and everybody who took part in the above events and who supported the Lent Fast Day collection. We look forward to posting more Havant news! Well done everyone! 🙂

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