St Edmund’s Secondary School students thirst for change!

The students "experiment" with dirty water....

From 30 January to 10 February, our Education Volunteer Val Croughan  visited the different age groups at St Edmund’s Secondary School in Portsmouth, to introduce them to our Thirst for Change campaign!

In each session, Val used the From taps to Toilets powerpoint to introduce the theme and run a “dirty water demo” (one of the activities suggested in our youth action pack) to get the pupils to think about what it’s like not to be able to have access to clean, safe water.

Pupils where then asked to take part in the campaign by writing their own personal messages to David Cameron on the water droplets, asking him to take a lead at the next G8 in May to make sure that clean water and sanitation for all are at the top of the agenda.

Here below are just some of the messages from the students!

“Dear Mr Cameron, there are millions of people in poor countries without access to clean water. And I want you and the government to do something about it. I strongly agree with Cafod so please do something to help”

“Dear Mr Cameron, I know you probably get notes like this all the time but people in poor countries are dying – we need to act NOW as we are living in a wealthy country!”

“Did you know that a child dies every 20 seconds (because of dirty water)? Our world will fall into pieces if we don’t do something about water poverty”

“Dear David, looking at the video made me realise that people need to step up to the game at the G8 meeting (…) – I hope you take action”

“Dear Mr Cameron, I am writing to inform you that we will flood 10 Downing Street with our water droplets. I really support the work of CAFOD and feel the government should support it too. Many people die from unhealthy water and walk lots of hours just to have a chance of surviving, with your help we could all live a happy life”

Brilliant! The droplets will be added to our “river of change” that we will deliver to Downing Street in May.

Thanks very much to Val for all her hard work, to the teachers and of course to all the students for taking part in the campaign! 🙂

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