CAFOD Portsmouth Supporters turn out in force at Anniversary Mass!

We had an amazing time last Saturday at Westminster Cathedral in London, where we attended CAFOD’s 50th anniversary Mass. Overall, almost 2,000 people from all over the country came along to share this extra-special event with us (and over 100 from our diocese only – which was fantastic)!

20 bishops from England and Wales concelebrated the Mass with Vincent Nichols (and many more priests from the dioceses). The liturgy was a wonderful celebration of CAFOD’s life, enriched by the wonderful choir (made up of supporters from parishes and schools throughout England and Wales and brilliantly led by Canon Pat Browne), an inspiring homily by Bishop John Arnold (Chair of CAFOD’s Board of Trustees) and a call to recommitment at the end of Mass led by Margaret Mwaniki from Kenya, CAFOD trustee and partner.

The Nigerian St Ignatius African Choir from Stamford Hill also added a beautiful “African twist”!

After Mass, we were able to meet many of you in the Chapel of St George and at the reception – as you can see from the photos! It was a real pleasure – thank you so much for coming along to say hello, it was amazing to see CAFOD Portsmouth supporters turning up from every side of the church, and apologies if we were not able to say hello to all of you individually!

We found the Mass really uplifting and inspiring – it really made us feel like being part of a much bigger CAFOD family, where we all have a part to play, and we hope it was the same for you all. 2012 is just at the beginning – so we hope to meet you all again soon at our local diocesan events throughout the year!

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