Corpus Christi reception children “travel” to Kenya to meet Akido!

We are pleased to report about another great achievement from our brilliant school volunteer Maureen Thompson! On Thursday 14 November, she visited the reception classes at Corpus Christi Primary School in Portsmouth, bringing with her a very special “guest”: puppet Akido from Kenya!

Maureen wanted to share with the children a CAFOD story from another part of the world, and Akido was a great way to do that. She reports:

“We started by looking at a picture of a village in Kenya where Akido lives. We thought about the ways in which it was different to where most of the children live in Portsmouth. The children came up with lots of differences: the colour of the houses, lots of chickens, goats and cows. They also noticed that some things were the same: Akido has a pet dog, just like some of the children, and lives with his mummy.   The main activity was to think about how far away it was to get to Kenya – so we all put our coats on and imagined we went on an adventure. Kenya is a very long way away, so to get there we had to:

Drive to the sea,

Swim to Africa,

Cross the desert on a camel,

Swish through the long grass of the Savannah,

Row down the Nile – where we nearly had our toes bitten by the crocodile,

Make our way through the bustling town of Nairobi… until we finally arrived in Akido’s village.

The children loved the "trip" to Kenya!

As we all sat down to rest, Akido popped out of his story bag to meet the children. He learnt that children in England like chocolate cake, playing Transformers and go to school where they have classrooms and outside space.   Akido told the children he likes to play football, to eat pancakes and that his classroom was under the baobab tree.

We hope the children all enjoyed their visit to Kenya, Maureen and Akido enjoyed learning about children at  Corpus Christi  and hope they will be invited to visit again soon!”

Akido greets the children!

This sounds indeed like an inspiring and fun visit!! Well done to Maureen for her resourcefulness and thanks to all the pupils and the teachers who got involved for their support! 🙂

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