Pass it On!

Young people from the Portsmouth area gathered together last Friday night in preparation for National Youth Sunday.

The theme was community and we took some time out to reflect on what it might mean to belong to the Body of Christ, thinking especially about our global family and the many people on our planet who are living in poverty and in violent situations.

We then showed our solidarity for those people who aren’t living in peace at the moment by taking part in CAFOD’s Pass it On campaign.

In ancient times there was a period of time around the Olympics when everyone agreed to live in peace to enable the athletes to travel in safety.  Together with our partners, CAFOD is asking people to pass on the message of peace by filming themselves moving from left to right and uploading it to a special website.

These mini films are then joined together to look like everyone is taking part in a global relay for peace.  You can also leave your own personal message of peace on the site.

Thanks so much to all the young people I met on Friday night who took part in the campaign.  And thank you too to Youth Ministry Coordinator Mary-Anne Field and all the helpers on the night for their support too!

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