Super campaigners at St John Bosco!

Parishioners take action at St John Bosco, Woodley!

At the end of October, parishioners at St John Bosco in Woodley backed our Don’t drop the ball campaign in force! Our volunteer Rita Belletty organised a card signing after all Masses (see picture above) and encouraged everybody to sign a card, to send a strong message to George Osborne to act on climate finance at the Durban conference – which is now only a few weeks away!

79 cards were collected on the day and some more taken home, which is great! The campaign came to an end last week and we are now waiting for the “final count” to let you know the total number of actions – and of course keep you posted on the hand-in!

Thanks to everybody who supported the campaign throughout the diocese, you can watch a great video on our website which shows how people have been making a difference all over the country! We look forward to our new “Thirst for Change” campaign, focusing on water and sanitation, which will launch in Jan 2012 – watch this space!

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