A CAFOD evening like no other!

Visiting the Speaker’s House at Westminster is not something we would regularly do on a Monday night! However, last night, together with 6 MP correspondents from our Diocese and many others from all across the country, we had the privilege to take part in CAFOD’s first ever Parliamentary Reception – brilliantly organised by our Campaigns team.

It was a really special event! After going through the security checks, we made our way as a group to the Speaker’s House, where we were welcomed by Tom Clarke MP, chair of the Parliamentary Friends of CAFOD. He thanked everybody for coming along, and stressed how important the role of MP correspondents is in making sure international development issues are kept high on the political agenda. Baroness Stowell of Beeston, Bishop John Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop in Westminster and chair of CAFOD’s Board of Trustees) and our director Chris Bain also spoke and thanked everybody for their commitment. Several MPs also attended the event.

It was great to catch up with our volunteers Mike, Kevin, Pam, Chris and Judith, who had come from as far as Southampton and Bournemouth to be there!

We asked them what it meant to them to be a MP correspondent and why they had decided to become one.

This is what they had to say (you can catch a glimpse of the atmosphere as well)!





It was a real privilege to be able to visit the Speaker’s House, which is stunningly beautiful, and admire the beautiful views of the Big Ben and House of Parliament from the windows! All volunteers who attended were definitely very impressed – and so were we!

It was indeed an extra-special evening – and it stresses once more how important MP correspondents are for our work. As you’ve heard from our very own volunteers, it is not a role that will take an awful lot of your time – but it can truly make an enourmous difference. We are asking people to write to their MP three times a year and/or to meet him/her in person, and we will provide full support and training. We would love to see every single constituency in the Diocese (and ultimately in the whole country!) covered by an active CAFOD MP correspondent. So if you are interested in the role, please contact us for a chat at portsmouth@cafod.org.uk or 01252 329385. We would love to hear from you – and hopefully come back to Speaker’s House with you next year! 🙂

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