Climate change high on the agenda in Reading!

Volunteers Dave, Clare, Rita and RISC Events manager Bente Madeira with Sarah Wykes (right)

Parishioners and campaigners from various churches and action groups in Reading gathered at Our Lady and St Anne parish in Caversham last night, to attend Sarah Wykes‘ “Don’t drop the ball” talk on climate change.

Sarah, our Lead Analyst for the Environment and Climate Change, gave a great presentation about why climate change is important for CAFOD and where we are at the moment in the international climate change negotiations, and introduced our current Don’t drop the ball campaign and the relevant asks, encouraging everyone to take action.

The full powerpoint of Sarah’s presentation can be downloaded here.

After an engaging Q&A session, local autor John Madeley gave a brief presentation  of his new book, Let Live, a novel focusing on climate change and how it affects people in developing countries.

The talk was part of Reading’s International Festival, which continues until Monday – for a full list of upcoming events please click here.

A special thanks goes to our local volunteers Clare and Dave Palmer who worked hard to promote the evening and provide refreshments! And of course to Sarah for coming all the way to Reading! A finally, a huge thanks to all those who came along on the night, it was great to see such a mixture of familiar and new faces! 🙂

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