Dreams come true at Corpus Christi Primary School!

Children at Corpus Christi Primary School, Portsmouth, gathered for the CAFOD assembly

On Wednesday 29 October, all the children from Corpus Christi Primary School in Portsmouth, together with their teachers, parents, grandparents and parishioners shared a Thanksgiving Mass for Harvest.

Father Stephen led the children to think why all the families were encouraged to bring food for the harvest. Many hands shot up with answers about Jesus, love and sharing and our Lord’s commandment to love our neighbour. The church was filled with gifts of food for local families in need.

On Thursday morning the school continued on the theme of Harvest when our volunteer Maureen Thompson gave an assembly to encourage the children to think about sharing on a wider scale – with the whole world. The children were very keen to share all their dreams and hopes for the future: lots of budding sport stars, footballers and swimmers, someone hoped to be a teacher and one little girl was even hoping to become a princess. Several children shared the dream of Kelvin from Tanzania to become a pilot.

Five children helped Maureen to show CAFOD’s dream for a fairer world holding up a bottle of water, a peace candle, a packet of plasters, a blanket and a teddy bear, and a story bag.

All the children agreed they could support CAFOD’s dream for a fairer and just world by sharing CAFOD stories with their families and thinking about sharing their dreams in church. In the run up to Christmas, the school will be collecting for CAFOD by buying World Gifts. Several of the children liked the idea of taking the goats and chickens home for themselves – but ultimately they were very keen to support other families with these gifts instead, particularly at Christmas time.

A big thanks to all the lovely children who joined in and answered all the questions, we look forward to seeing your lovely work for a fairer and just world and hope that together we can make everyone’s dreams come true.

And of course thanks to Maureen for yet another brilliant assembly! 🙂

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