St Swithun’s Primary School joins the Dream Team!

On Monday 3rd October, our school volunteer Maureen Thompson was given a wonderful welcome when she visited St Swithun’s Primary School in Southsea, to deliver CAFOD’s Harvest Fast day assembly.

At the beginning of the assembly, pupils were asked to think about their hopes and dreams, and with a little encouragement nearly all the children were able to think of something they hoped for themselves in the future. The most popular dream seemed to be about working with animals!
Then, with the help of 5 volunteers, Maureen shared CAFOD’s dreams of a world where all children have clean water to drink, peace, access to medical support, a safe place to live, and opportunities for education. The children were shown some facts and figures about the large number of people in the world who can only dream of these things, and then they were asked if they could try to help CAFOD make these dreams come true by joining in with the Fast Day appeal. The whole assembly erupted with a resounding YES!
The children were encouraged to take home collecting boxes and envelopes to fill, plus newsletters with children’s stories from across the world to share with their families. They were also given a dream sheet to illustrate their dreams for the future. The assembly was ended with a prayer, asking our Lord to help us make our dreams come true.
The Headteacher, Mrs Jones, also encouraged the children to give up a treat on Friday to think about how they would feel if one of their friends had come to school that morning without food or water or had nowhere to go home.

The display of children's "dreams"

One week later, Maureen returned to the school to find a beautiful display of children’s dreams for the world and harvest gifts. Not only had families generously given their money in envelopes, but they had also bought food for local families in need to be distributed by the Salvation Army.
A big thank you to all the staff and families at St Swithun’s for helping make dreams come true!

And to Maureen of course for being, as always, a brilliant CAFOD ambassador!

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