CAFOD’s Dream Team!

School Volunteer Susan Kelly and I had a wonderful time this week visiting Corpus Christi RC Primary in Boscombe.   The super staff and pupils there will be joining CAFOD’s Dream Team by carrying out odd jobs at home for their families and raising lots of money for our work overseas.  Thank you all so much!

During our visit on Tuesday, we thought about our dreams. Pupils had all sorts of brilliant hopes for the future. Class after class wanted to be lawyers, doctors, actors, artists, painters, singers, professional athletes and teachers – and one pupil told me that he would be the next Prime Minister! So they certainly are the school to watch!!

We then looked at some of the things that might prevent some children around the world from achieving their dreams such as a lack of education or a safe place to live.

Pupils discovered that as many as 1 billion people lived in unsafe housing in the world (16 times the amount of people living in the UK) and that 776 million people cannot read or write.  We then looked at some of the many reasons why children round the world might not be able to go to school and thought about the effect that might have on their dreams.

I then ended the session by looking at some of the positive things we can all do to create a fairer world and invited the children to look at CAFOD’s Picture My World website to meet more children their age from Rwanda and Cambodia.

Thank you so much everyone for inviting us in for the day and for supporting CAFOD in all that you do. Our special thanks goes to RE Coordinator Abby Crowsley for organising the whole day and the entire CAFOD week!  Thank you so much Abby!

For more information on Harvest Fast Day please go to

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