Dreaming of a Fairer World!

I’ve just come back from St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School in Andover after spending a great morning there with everyone!   The theme of this Harvest Fast Day is dreams and I began by asking everyone what they dreamed of becoming when they grew up. Everyone put up their hands!   So many hopes and dreams!  These included being doctors, video game makers, artists, and singers to name but a few!

Everyone has a dream but many children who live in poverty never get the chance to live out their dreams.

We looked at three facts about the world today including the number of people in the world who cannot read and write (776 million – 12 times the amount of people living in the UK at the moment).

Back in class, the children reflected on some of the reasons why people may not be able to read and write or go to school in developing countries.

We played a short game which explained how poverty stops some children going to school.

Everyone found it really difficult to finish the game and actually go to school as there were so many barriers!

Some of these barriers were not being able to afford books or school fees or having to look after little brothers and sisters at home or even the fact that there weren’t any teachers as the government didn’t have enough money to pay them.

The game also helped us think about other reasons.  Some children may live too far away from school or get to school safely because there was fighting or a war in the area in which they live.

Some children may also have to work in order to bring home money for the family. Helping out with the family business or working on the land, or working for somebody else to earn money means that there is no time for school.

We then thought about what all this might mean for children not being able to go to school and how that might affect their lives and their ability to live out their dreams.

CAFOD’s dream is of a world where everyone has their fair share; where everyone has safe drinking water, a safe home, medical care, an education and where everyone can live in peace.

The children then came up with their own dreams for a fairer world where ‘everyone shares’ and ‘everyone is happy and has friends’.  Fantastic!  We’re all part of CAFOD’s Dream Team!

At the end of the lesson, I asked the children to take home the Home Action Sheet to read about other children in the world and go onto our Picture My World website to see more children from Rwanda and Cambodia http://picturemyworld.cafod.org.uk/

Thank you so much to Mrs Davies and all the teachers for inviting me in today.  I really enjoyed meeting all the pupils during assembly and spending time with Year 5 and 6.  Thank you everyone for all your fantastic support for CAFOD!

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