New children’s liturgy resources!

We are pleased to announce that the new Children’s Liturgy resources are now online – for every Sunday from the First Sunday of Advent until the beginning of Lent (Year B).

These resources contain questions to help the children reflect on the Gospel story as well as ideas for prayers, songs and other activities, and they can of course be adapted depending on the group.
Please let children’s liturgy catechists know!

Our Theology Team would welcome your feedback on those, so if you are using them, please contact Catherine at

One thought on “New children’s liturgy resources!

  1. Thank you for the above.With so many lay -people taking on roles as RE instructers (my husband inc.) this structured programme will be very helpful.
    As full-time class teacher in a Roman Catholic school (soon to retire) I use your prayer, Gospel and thought for the week with my y4 class weekly. It covers doctrin and all elements of RE which supports the Here I Am scheme.
    Noirin Lomasney

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