Fun at St Cassian’s!

Last week Tanya Jenkins (CAFOD Youth Outreach Coordinator) and I had a great time with all the lovely people at St Cassian’s in Kintbury! 

Bead madness begins!

We spent a day with the new team, talking about CAFOD’s work and running some new craft based activities that have been designed for use in residential settings.

Which one is it again?

Each activity aims to explore individuals’ faith journey and deepen participants’ understanding of global justice.  We worked on Romero crosses, prayer beads, newspaper collages and devised our own magazine covers!

Prayer Beads.... not easy! But worth it!

We hope the resources might be of use to the team in their residential work with hundreds of young people who visit the centre throughout the year.

Newspaper collages - a lot less fiddly!

Thank you so much everyone for making us feel so welcome. We LOVED meeting you all!

For more information about St Cassian’s and all the great work they do go to

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