From Brazil with love!

We were so so pleased to receive the above picture a few days ago from our colleague Tony Sheen (from CAFOD Westminster), who is currently in Brazil to take part in the Martyr’s Pilgrimage! At our Walk for Justice in Bournemouth on 26 June, we had written messages of support to our partners in Brazil and took photos for them, and now they have been delivered, as you can see above! 🙂

In receiving messages and photos from both our Diocese and others in England and Wales, our Brazilian partners said:

“I feel proud to receive the affection that comes from England and Wales.  I thank you for your words.  I want to send you my affection.  I want to say that your support gives us strength”


“I want to thank you for your affection and support.  It is very gratifying not only for us, but for others to know that there are people far away thinking of us.   We are grateful especially because people in our own country don’t give us such support.  Thank you for your cards, gifts and messages”

It is lovely isn’t it? 🙂 We hope you find this encouraging and inspiring, as we did! In the picture above you can see Nete, who works for our partner APOIO (dealing with housing rights in São Paulo). She said: “We are going to make a mural from these cards and photos. We feel secure and happy. When we face difficulties, we will remember that people across the other side of the world are thinking of us and this will give us strength. I want you to be certain that the work we are doing, like tiny ants, is making a real impact on the lives of families here. And if it wasn’t for your support, we would be in a very different situation”

You can read more about the Martyr’s Pilgrimage and Tony’s trip on the CAFOD Westminster blog. Thanks so much Tony for sharing this with us!

One thought on “From Brazil with love!

  1. What a great blog!

    I’ve been following the pieces from Tony and have to say that the pilgrimage will be a remarkable event.

    Our prayers go out to Nete and to all those she works with. Her tireless verve and will to fight is an inspiration to anyone.

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